How can I start?

1. Sign up

You have to sign up first 🙂

You can also use Twitch, discord, YouTube or twitter for easy authorisation.

If you will use your e-mail we will send you verification e-mail. Please confirm.

2. Choose streamer or Pro player to join the game!

After the registration, you will be able to join FREE TO JOIN or you can BOOK game sessions with your favourite streamer or coach.

To learn about join modes check: How do session join modes work?

Choose the game, preferred time and book:

3. Game settings, credits and discord

Don't forget to fill-up Game settings (your name or ID from the game) before you will book the game on the platform.

If you don't have enough credits to book the game, please go to the Settings / Billing tab and purchase credits. Your current balance should be enough to purchase the game you want to play.

If you choose free game you can skip Billing Tab

Before you will end purchasing games (free or booked) you may connect your discord. For that please go to the Settings / Connections and link your Discord account. You can talk with your gamer or just make an appointment.

4. Setup your game

Setup your game with your favourite player = Play and have fun.

That's it!

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