How to create One-Time Game?

Create One-Time Game

Players can JOIN your game either for free or for a price you set. Games can be 1-to-1 or in group. In One-Time Game we created 3 types of games:

  1. Free to join - allows anyone to join your game. Good way to find teammates.
  2. Free to apply - only players who will pay can join your game.
  3. Pay to join - allows everyone to apply to play your game. Finally players will be randomly chosen from all appliers.

Steps to set:

  1. Fill up a form with Name and Description:
TIP: Name and description is actually very important. Participants would like to know more about you and the game you play. Show your personality, coaching process, highlights or current game rank.
  1. Add game details:
TIP: every game will have different game details
  1. Choose starting time:
  1. Upload the video:
TIP: What is the maximum video time allowed? There is no time limit for video actually. We recommend to make it 75 seconds and the size limit is set on 100Mb.
TIP: If your images were not uploading successfully, it is likely due to the file size being too small or too big. Please ensure your files are under 10Mb. We have found that 1920 x 1080px and 1280 x 720px work the best.
  1. Choose mode to join:
  1. If you will choose pay to join you will be able to fill up this field:
Keep in mind that there are platform (18%) & processing fees at the payout stage. Learn more about payouts

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